The Kelemen Company is one of the most active full-service real estate specialists in Orange County.

The Kelemen Company started in 2007 as Wind Water Realty, but rebranded the property management sector of the business as The Kelemen Company in 2018. Currently a local firm specializing in Orange County properties, the Kelemen Company will be opening up to the LA market with new acquisitions in 2018. Additionally, the Kelemen Company is an investment firm that develops and manages projects and assets for our properties.


The Kelemen Community

We believe in cultivating strong relationships with owners, tenants, and vendors of each of our assets, as strong relationships lead to higher satisfaction, above-market retention rates, and market-leading rents, which ultimately lead to higher property values and increased returns for owners and investors alike.

We maintain 24/7 support for tenants and owners at our properties via our secure online platform, which we also utilize to maintain a direct line of communication with our valued clients. We also regularly perform visits to our properties to ensure smooth operation and financial performance, utilizing our experience as real estate owners to view each asset from the perspective of an owner.