We create opportunities. We revitalize communities. We are visionaries.

The Kelemen Company is a leading real estate investment and property management company based out of Southern California. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of commercial real estate, property development, and local market trends, we offer an approach that creates value and minimizes risk. Our goal is simple- optimize returns while maintaining the level of care each investment, property, and client deserves.

Our experience and expertise span all stages of commercial real estate investment and property management. With over 800,000 square feet of commercial real estate in Orange County under management, our knack for cutting-edge innovation and unique personal touch set us apart in the dynamic realm of real estate.

Our approach is guided by quality service, trust-based relationships, and steadfast determination. We encourage a collaborative culture that inspires creative thinking and innovative solutions, allowing us to weather any obstacles and market cycles.

While our team of real estate experts specializes in market research, risk management, and repositioning tactics, we work in unison with every consideration to our clients. We are here to bring ease and satisfaction to your real estate investment!

Why Us


We Maximize Your Returns

Our performance at the Kelemen Company is characterized by enhanced returns and long term capital preservation. We are constantly at work to boost our portfolio's operating efficiencies and deliver high yield returns to our clients. Our robust portfolio consists of investments approaching a quarter billion dollars, demonstrating that our calculated yet creative asset management strategies have resulted in strong returns for our investors.

We Reduce Your Costs

In today’s economy, controlling operating expenses is paramount to the success of any business. Our team of experts is adept in the art of reducing costs without sacrificing quality or service. We diligently examine every property to assess potential savings in operation costs, energy efficiencies, and leverage options.

We Take Care of Everything 

The Kelemen Company is dedicated to providing seamless service at every turn. We maintain 24/7 support for both tenants and owners via our secure online platform. Our practical and easy-to-use platform further provides our clients with an open and direct line of communication at all times. We are here to bring ease and satisfaction to your real estate investment. 

We Value Relationships

The Kelemen Company was built on a foundation of community. We believe in the importance of cultivating strong, collaborative relationships. We recognize that trusted connections are built over time through a series of experiences and projects. Every interaction, whether big or small, is important to us because we value our relationships with clients, owners, tenants, and vendors alike. At the end of the day, we abide by the golden rule- we treat people how we wish to be treated.

We Are Transparent 

At the Kelemen Company, we would rather be honest than impressive. We believe that solid and lasting business relationships are built on a foundation of trust, and the key to that trust is transparency. We provide accurate, timely, and transparent financial reports. Our internal accounting protocol ensures the accuracy of all financial data, and our forecasting systems provide for proper identification and billing of all revenues.   

We Care

When you choose the Kelemen Company, you work directly with us. We built this company from the ground-up on the basis of rapport and unwavering quality service. That means there will always be a familiar voice on the other end, questions will never go unanswered, and above all, we will always look out for your best interests.

We, at the Kelemen Company, hustle and grind, dig into the nitty-gritty details and treat your investments as our own. Our proactive management strategy involves making frequent onsite visits, check-ins, and evaluations. When challenges arise, we have proven ourselves to be quick on our feet and assertive problem solvers. The driving force behind our dedicated approach is our desire to witness our clients’ success. We care about your business, your livelihood, and your goals.