As it is often the case with aging properties or vacancy, maintaining or enhancing the value of an asset requires constant evaluation of its physical appearance and function. We, at the Kelemen Company, systematically assess properties on an ongoing basis for desirability and efficiency. Our ability to evaluate properties combined with our aptitude for identifying hidden potential is the cornerstone of our success in real estate construction management.


As construction managers, we skillfully navigate and supervise each project from inception through completion. We are involved in each and every detail from building design and hiring subcontractors to plan and permits. We diligently monitor the budget and timeline from the initial bidding process to the project closeout.


Our extensive knowledge of real estate construction management allows us to maintain the stability of each project while overcoming challenges that arise in the course of construction, a field riddled with unique challenges. Our years of experience with commercial real estate in Orange County coupled with an innate ability to think on our feet guide us through the multi-faceted realm of construction management.