Managing investment properties is no easy task. As a commercial property owner, you have likely experienced one, if not all, of the following challenges:


The staggering list of added responsibilities associated with managing a commercial property can be overwhelming. However, you are not alone. Many property owners are regularly faced with the same daunting challenges. 

We are offering a free property analysis to all local commercial property owners. 

Here’s how it works. We will send two of our highly skilled engineers and building evaluators to your property for FREE! All you have to do is sit back while our building evaluators complete a full analysis of your property.

Our free property analysis addresses five core areas for each commercial property:

  • A full 125-point building inspection of the interior, exterior, and mechanical systems of the property.

  • An analysis of operating expenses including utilities, taxes, insurance, and any expenses associated with the operation of the property.  

  • An investment analysis of the current rent the property is achieving versus market rental rates.

  • An efficiency analysis to assess potential improvements that could be made to enhance the operational efficiency of the property.

  • A thorough marketability analysis of the building which includes an examination the aesthetics of the property, market-competitive amenities, location appeal, and more.

As an owner, the hands-on tasks associated with managing a property can be overwhelming and tedious. We, at the Kelemen Company, understand the dedication, patience, and time associated with managing an income property. Over the years, working in Orange County property management, we have successfully weathered market cycles and overcome countless hurdles.   

Our goal, as an Orange County property management company, is to make management easier for you. We don’t want you to lose sleep or time over the success of your assets. We look forward to sharing insight into how you can make more money on your property!