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Tangible versus Intangible Assets

The economic dust-up is primarily focused on intangible versus tangible assets. Trades in commodities futures, stocks and bonds happen at the speed of light with a tap of the enter key on a computer these days, and the vast majority of trades in these markets are executed by computer algorithms designed by super-smart “quants” employed by institutional investors.

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Net Leases May Be Next For OFFICE LANDLORDS

Net Operating Income (NOI) is the Holy Grail of real estate metrics. It establishes value and determines borrowing power, among other things. Protecting and enhancing NOI is what the game of property ownership is all about. Depending on the type of lease and product category, property owners are able to pass along some or all of the cost for property taxes during a lease. This ability is going to become even more important if this proposition passes.

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How Choosing The Right Property Management Firm Can Maximize Your Asset Value

Property Management can help or hurt the value and performance of your property depending on which company you choose when deciding who will manage your property. That’s why we are looking out for you by giving you insight on the benefits of choosing the RIGHT property management firm. Read more.

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